Limburg Leads: The Euregional hotspot for business and innovation

Today, the Euregio is taking the lead in many sectors. We undertake, innovate and digitize. The Euregio attracts leaders and talent from all over the world and has become a leading economic hotspot. An unmissable exit.

Limburg Leads is the Euregional platform where business, government and knowledge institutions meet, multiply knowledge and do good business. Because valuable meetings lead to successful leads. Limburg Leads literally and figuratively crosses borders. To encourage continuous development, progress and sustainable growth. With current and innovative themes and inspiring top speakers. So that you as an entrepreneur can take the lead and be successful.


Strong content program aroundfour themes

Limburg Leads is not only the place to meet successful entrepreneurs and leading speakers. Limburg Leads also guarantees a varied substantive program with top speakers. For two days, Limburg Leads is also the knowledge center on the topics of circularity & sustainability, digitization, talent and mobility

  • Learn from the success stories of top entrepreneurs
  • Gain knowledge from experts
  • Meet the most dynamic start-ups

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Jop Thissen
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Limburg Leads

20 & 21 oktober 2021 | MECC Maastricht
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