Panel sessions focused on boundless entrepreneurship

Limburg Leads focuses on the Euregion, the border region with Belgian Limburg, the Liège region and the Aachen region. Entrepreneurs and managers need to look beyond borders to seize new opportunities. This is also emphasised in the central programme. On Mainstage, the four topics - economy & sustainability, digitisation, talent and mobility - are addressed from different angles. Extensive panel sessions take place here four times a day. There is a session led by Sander Schimmelpenninck, editor-in-chief of Quote magazine, who will talk to some of the most important CEOs of the Euregion. Interreg Euregio Maas-Rijn presents a number of young and innovative entrepreneurs from the Euregion who show that it is possible and beneficial to work across borders and sectors.

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Limburg Leads

20 & 21 oktober 2021 | MECC Maastricht
Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht
+31 (0)43 38 38 383

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