De vele nieuwe startups in de Euregio laten duidelijk zien dat onze regio alles behalve stil staat. Het is cruciaal dat start-ups in gesprek komen met experts, overheidsinstellingen en succesvolle ondernemers om hun idee succesvol te maken. Ook daarom neemt Limburg Leads de leiding om deze partijen samen te brengen. LIOF, LRM en NRW.Bank werken samen tijdens Limburg Leads 2020 en zetten hun netwerk in om grensoverschrijdend samenwerking te bevorderen. Deze drie partijen zijn aanwezig in de Start-Up Arena met in het hart een pitching arena. 30 start-ups uit Nederland, België en Duitsland krijgen de kans om hier hun idee te presenteren aan een breed publiek van potentiële investeerders en andere zakelijke partners en zo de volgende stap te zetten.



In a competitive working climate, both job and customer expectations are rising. Employees are expected to learn more and faster than ever before. Companies need to transfer knowledge to an increasingly remote workforce that is used to consume content intuitively and on-demand. That's where MobieTrain comes in. Our mobile microlearning platform makes sure every employee gets the change to get trained, at their own rythm in a fun and engaging way.

Due to our patented solution, we are able to make all kind of goggles (ski - safety - airsoft - ...) to fit right to your eyes, prescription based. On top of this, we also apply an anti-fog coating to avoid your glasses/goggles from fogging up, to give you the best and most comfortable view.

Deze renovatietool biedt als enige op de markt een doorgedreven ondersteuning in de pre-aankoopfase. Met een overzichtelijk kostenplaatje in een gebruiksvriendelijke interface wordt de zoektocht naar de ideale woning voor zowel makelaars als kandidaat-kopers een stuk efficiënter en transparanter.

Internative offers an online solution where students can connect with companies easy and fast through a WhatsApp integration on the website. Next to that, Internative is build by students and is able to effectively reach students, where companies are generally lacking in doing so.

FOx Biosystems bridges the gap between life science research and application by offering reliable and accessible innovative biomolecular characterisation solution.

By combining the benefits of SPR for label free detection, quantification and characterisation of antibodies, nano bodies and protein binding interactions with the ease of use of simple dip and read assays we can offer high throughput characterisation of biologics.  

FO-SPR based sandwich assays provide a rapid and sensitive alternative for ELISA assays, even avoiding complex sample preparation from samples as complex as blood.

What if grandma can make video calls without doing anything? That would be nice anyway. You can with Femly. But we can do more: it is not just for the elderly. We are there for all vulnerable groups who need peace and fun family moments. Quickly make video calls and see each other, share nice photos and much more. In short: ENJOY TOGETHER.

Digitalizing the rental experience of construction equipment

No exhaust emissions (CO2, NOx, SOx, PM), silent, no oil spills, low maintenance (even no fuses can burn), low energy consumption, can run a whole day (24h) on a charge with 5 kn.  
The power electronics are build on printed circuit board and therefore low in costs and highly scaleable.

We use the methods of Industry 4.0 to manufacture the chassis structures of electric cars with a positive carbon footprint. Our most important unique selling point is an innovative and patented test method for naturally grown bamboo cane with which we make the material usable for industrial lightweight construction. In publicly funded projects, we at FH Aachen developed the basics of automated processing. The production of auto parts has huge lead times and requires experience in mass production. Our first marketable products are strollers, rollators and bicycle frames which we sell to premium European manufacturers in the B2B business.

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